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The official site of Alexander Hleb – contains detailed information about a footballer, you will find everything you wanted to know about Alexander, his statistics, as Hleb was a football player. This will help many parts of the site: photos, media, statistics. Personal Page of Alexander Hleb on the Internet. Interesting information from his biography, photos, as well as interesting articles about the football player. Hleb is one of the best Belarusian footballers with a huge number of honorary titles and awards. Personal site of Alexander Hleb, contains details of the life of an athlete. Here you will learn how football career began one of the best players Team of Belarus. And most importantly – by using this site you can chat with your favorite player. Alexander Hleb was born May 1, 1981 in Minsk. At that time nobody knew that Sasha would be the best player in the Belarusian beginning of XXI century (Perhaps the century) and the brightest star of world level. In the football section 'Dynamo' Alexander led his father, Paul G. at age 6. Prior to that, Sasha unsuccessfully tried his hand at diving and gymnastics, because it boy growing up plastic, coordinated, and so he had good instincts for these sports. However, Sasha's father was an avid football fan, so the fate of his eldest son, was predetermined. By the way, gradually Alexander began to bring glory to training – the younger brother, who would later become national team players. In the Dynamo School Gleb trained with Sinyakevicha. After a while it became clear how an outstanding football talent, nature gave Alexander. And this, combined with his diligence and dedication opened for him the great prospects. But before that it was still very far away. In 15 years, Sasha was invited to the youth Belarus national team, coached by Alexander Bashmakov. Subsequently, under the leadership of Alexander Hleb will Nikolaevich all youth teams, which will become a true leader and will gain the status of one of the most promising young players in our country.

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Dzagoev then substitution in a qualifying match of the World Cup against Germany. This debut Dzagoeva at the age of 18 years and 116 days, brought him fame as the youngest player ever speaking for Russia. Prior to that, it was considered the youngest teammate Igor Akinfeev. Since then he has played twice for his country and twice as a reserve player. However, such a talented young person does not like to be in the spotlight and is known for his modesty and decency. This conclusion follows from the statements and kommenariev Dzagoeva in 2008: "I try as little as possible to give an interview – it is better to play than talk about it. Of course, we play for our fans, and they want to know about us as possible. But in order to give an interview to the right and left, I must achieve something. I do it too early. " In my childhood heroes were Dzagoeva his current teammate Evgeni Aldonin and hero of "Chelsea Frank Lampard, which may also prove to Dzagoeva as a team, Guus Hiddink as suggested by Roman Abramovich to buy Dzagoeva. Moreover, the "Chelsea" – is a favorite club of Alan outside Russia. Yuri Zhirkov from "CSKA" well An applicant for a transition to "Chelsea" and praised his young colleague: "He's just a super player." Igor Rodkin, the first coach Dzagoeva, also speaks of him very warmly: "He plays football not because he is looking for fame and money, and because football – it's his life. Now it is uncommon for a player more important to win cash awards for it. In the case of Dzagoeva this is so. " One of the masters of Russian football and the Spanish premier league as Alexander Mostovoy said of Dzagoeva: "Alan is different from the other players as well as acting outside the box. He is not afraid to take possession of the ball, keep it to the gate, take responsibility for themselves. I love these players. " This talented teenager "CSKA" demonstrates the boundless energy, excellent playing technique, high speed and can run over long distances. Despite his small stature, about 1 meter 60 cm, Dzagoev not good "in the air," but on the other hand it as though designed for football. It is reported that "Totenham" and "Liverpool" as well as "Chelsea" are interested in a young player who continues to acquire more and more fans.

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