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Expansion coefficient of PVC profiles is large enough. In other words, this means that in very hot weather too plastic window expands, and Epiphany frosts too compressed. Indicators of sound insulation and heat transfer equal to the thickness profiles in PVC significantly lower than that of wood. PVC windows electrical charge and attract dust. Thus, plastic, offered in Russia, almost doubled its thickness, and added the glass windows, first clocked the second, and then a third circuit seal. And no end in sight. In countries that are comparable with Russia on climatic conditions, the spores' plastic-tree "has long been extinguished. Figures from the promotional materials of PVC manufacturers, convincing us that 55% of windows in Germany – Plastic very cunning. Indeed, 55% of German windows – plastic, but! 70% of the windows of residential premises in Germany are made of wood. And in cold Norway and Finland 70% of all windows – made of wood, and in Sweden – 76%. Naturally, the steady decline in the segment PVC windows market squeezes the plastic in Eastern Europe and Russia. Themselves as Europeans prefer linoleum flooring, cotton – synthetic, and wood windows – PVC and cadmium into the bargain. A wooden box, in addition to their amazing technological qualities inherent in the very nature of the material (low thermal conductivity, high insulation, resistance to temperature extremes, environmental friendliness, the unique ability to maintain moisture balance in the room, etc.) is also a "key" to the entire interior. Wooden box – condensed image of domestic warmth and coziness, the embodiment of perfection of style, it always is happy and sad together with the owners. Plastic silent, breathing tree. Plastic cools, heats the wood. It is ridiculous to argue the attractiveness of natural material, but too aggressive advertising of PVC windows. Let us, first of all, we state the subject matter. Thus, modern wooden box, as opposed to traditional joinery, has one leaf with glass.

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