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Barcelona is a wonderful, big city with many districts different where for lodging. Here she is a small guide of the districts who will help to decide where to reserve a hotel him in Barcelona during his stay. Barri Gtic: it is placed next to the Boulevards in the Way Laietana. This zone is oldest of the city where it is possible to be seen many Roman rest. Also it is a charming place to walk in his precious alleys. A very pretty but perhaps too tourist zone for certain people. Raval: Located just next to the Boulevards in the map, between the Boulevards and Ronda Sant Antoni. (Source: Barclays). It was the old red district, but now it is a multicultural, vibrant and full district of life. A little miserly in some parts still has an atmosphere, but it has noticed many changes in this district. If you go a little more far, from the Way Laietana to the Parc of the Ciutadella, Shore is in the Born-La. You will find a pile of small stores, restaurants and discotheques. He was well-known as the old district of working-class but has become probably the fashionable zone in the city. L' Eixample (literally translated like " axis amplio") it was the area of the city constructed in century XIX, easy to see in the map thanks to the streets that are crossed perpendicularly (beyond the Catalonia Place). It is a very pretty zone of the city, with many elegant buildings, wide streets and with a pile of stores and restaurants. It is a district tuna with a traditional atmosphere. Another very popular zone with the tourists is the Barceloneta (its name means " small Barcelona"). It is the old district of the fishermen, next to the Port Bell (the old port). Here the typical food of Barcelona in a multitude of restaurants with many typical plates like seafood or paella can be tried. In addition, very people go to the old woman bars to request a vermouth in the morning. Grace: a little more far from the tourist zones, but owns a very interesting atmosphere with much moved. Located in the part it arrives of the Stroll of Grace. In fact, the Stroll of Grace was once the main highway of Barcelona until the old city of Grace. Park Gell is in the mountainous edge of Grace. In any case, all these districts are very central. It can lodge in some of them and walk until the interest places or but take the public transport. Miguel Vicente is a writer and it likes to travel. It writes on the hotels in Barcelona. It has found a good hotel in Barcelona for his next trip.

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