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The Valle del Cauca offers an infinite number of beautiful tourist sites by visiting that they deslumbraran to travelers. All of these sites have the charm of the Vallecaucana culture, surrounded by great joy and sauce. The Valle del Cauca is located in the western part of the country between the regions of the Pacific and the Andes.It presents a wide variety of beautiful landscapes, especially moorlands, forests and Plains of the Pacific.It has urban tourist sites that show the history and culture, and, also, natural places such as parks. Because while in Cali Colombia, the traveler should visit the Hacienda Piedechinche, in the municipality of Santa Elena.Here is where the sugar cane Museum, actually a theme park to show the evolution of the sugar mills.It offers a sugar train rides and walks to horse by fields of sugar cane. Another must-see is the visit by this fantastic area is the Hacienda El Paraiso, the House where the writer Jorge Isaacs and his cousin they lived. It was in this place the inspiration of La Maria, the name of the main character, as well as the name of the book, which summarizes the Colombian romantic literature. There you will find the rooms and their personal effects, the garden in pink flower and stone wishing are carefully preserved. A forced pilgrimage for Catholics is to visit the town of Buga, with its crucified Christ known as the Mirage, which is located in the Basilica.Another reason to travel to Buga is a visit to the natural reserve of 75 hectares of dry tropical forest of El vinculo.Located in the foothills of the cordillera central, which hosts a variety of local fauna and is the seat of a biological station with the same name. On the way to Madrinal, visitors can admire the Sonso Lake, which covers an area of 2,045 acres that constitute the support of fishermen and their families and food for migratory birds originating in the northern hemisphere. In the city of Roldanillo, Museo Omar Beam exposes the pictorial work of this artist and other Latin Americans.After the visit, you can visit the vineyards of the municipality of La Union, they are incredible.In addition to the wineries, there are two hotels, one of luxury and the other, more discreet, a typical house in the region. Road going westward to connect Buga to Buenaventura’s port, on the coast of the Pacific, passes through areas of great interest for tourists.Lago Calima, for example, is the tank with the strongest winds of any third party in the world, a paradise for water sports.

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