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The Bibliometrics is a part of the Scientometrics that applies mathematical and statistical methods to all scientific literature and authors who produce it, with the aim of studying and analysing the scientific activity. Doing so helps laws Bibliometric, based on the statistical behavior regulate who over time have shown the different elements that are part of science. The instruments used to measure aspects of this social phenomenon are the Bibliometric, measures indicators that provide information about the results of scientific activity in any of its manifestations. Bibliometric law of exponential growth Derek j. de Solla Price laws noted that the growth of scientific information occurs at a pace much higher with respect to other social phenomena, but very similar to other observable phenomena in natural contexts, such as biological processes. Such growth is such that every 10-15 years the existing information is replicated with a growth exponential, although this largely depends on the area of knowledge of which concerned. In turn, proposed several stages: a phase of exponential growth itself, in which the growth rate is proportional to the size of the sample, and a linear growth phase, in which the growth rate is constant or independent of the size of the system. The stages are as follows: phase 1: phase 2 precursors: exponential growth phase 3: linear growth phase 4: collapse of the scientific field, however, not only the scientific literature grows exponentially, but also the number of researchers, so the first conclusion that got Price of exponential growth was the contemporary nature of science, an expression that reflects the phenomenon which consists in that the number of scientists currently constitute almost the total of all the that have existed in the past more current, being the number of the past cienfificos a proportion almost irrelevant compared this current issue. However, an exponential growth You can not stay to infinity, i.e., there must be a limit called ceiling or saturation limit; admitted this limit, Price postulated that the growth of science-shaped logistic curve.

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