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The quality standards are here thus far higher than those that provide conventional online stores or want to. The herbal mixture “CoD”, which is available only at ChironMed, is an example of this: CoD (claw of Dragon) supporting the immune system plants is a mixture of the South American rainforest enthusiastic users CoD a herbal mixture to support an optimal immune response. Recently Hudson Bay Capital sought to clarify these questions. As purely herbal, side-effect-free much fabric mixture, CoD is supporting To see measures to vitalize the body and improve quality of life. CoD is the primary detoxification of the body, allowing the optimal functioning of the body’s defences. It thus supports the health by a perfectly functioning, endogenous defence system. By the strong antioxidant ingredients free radicals in the body are reduced or neutralized, and the physical and intellectual capacity is increased by increasing the energy production in the cells. CoD is an exclusively vegetable, side-effect-free mixture of biologically highly active plants from the tropical rain forests of China and South America without the addition of sugar, preservatives, dyes and flavourings. The two main components of the CoD are the plants of Uncaria sp. and Tabebuia sp. and are documented in the current complementary medicine scientifically backed up. All plant components of the CoD herbal formula are in the original biotopes in the middle of the jungle in absolute straight culture under the principles grown renewable resources. But only certain subspecies allow the unique effects of the CoD mixture. Strictly according to the Rio de Janeiro agreements of cultivation, the drying and the lengthy transport through the jungle are up to their dispatch to Europe exclusively in the hands of the natives. After their arrival in Europe, the organically grown in the rainforest resources of according to international GMP rules are processed immediately. Due to the high requirements, the manufacturing process is subject to the strictest quality controls. CoD exclusively at ChironMed is available in Germany, whose Betreiber it now committed to the task, to make widely known CoD, so that as many people can benefit from the operation of the CoD. In addition to CoD, ChironMed offers a unique range of colostrum supplements for people and animals, NADH-supplements, the premium reishi, Nopal – and maca products of Hando GmbH, NADH products of the dermatologists Prof. Birkmeyer, pure CAMU-CAMU, Viathen-H, BIOS life slim, MAP natural amine. Acerola powder, etc. on. The aim of ChironMed is not only traditionally known”products and drugs once more to offer, but the people above all access to food supplements and naturopathic solutions to grant, to get in their quality and their mode of operation, usually once in ChironMed and which place emphasis on individual counseling. Why this is so, is easy to explain: the manufacturers of most products offered by ChironMed are even the original discoverer, inventor and developer of the preparations and work accordingly high-level ethically and morally. You’re not doing the maximum spread of its products through numerous distribution channels, which distort the original information in favor of mercantilism to the beyond recognition. Rather, they protect their children”against product piracy and regular vandalism E.g. regarding the ingredients, can keep the sales structures in the eye and thus control. ChironMed is equivalent to this approach, since their credo is to provide natural products in optimal composition and quality just in case of diseases and illnesses relating to supporting resources especially individually and professionally advise and to rely on an own rich experience first-hand. More information on ChironMed are available on the redesigned and expanded website.

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