Technical Department

What preventative computer maintenance the Technical Department of a company, where it exists, should be in charge of solves all the problems that occur in relation to the network and various technical problems. But where there was not this Department in the company and be a contracted service this should pay attention before any technical hard that may arise to the client. If you have hired a preventative computer maintenance service you should know how it works and what is covered. The first thing that must cover preventive maintenance service is phone support for any questions that may arise and which can be solved by phone. In addition, it is important preventative computer maintenance service, outsource to inform before serious failings of how to fix it or explain the reasons why spend such errors.

Basic preventive maintenance services are: review of the status of the network; through exams and weekly checks, technicians must know how is it network and where fails, to be preparing against failures that may arise. Check the operation of the server; This is also the service of computer maintenance task and within this process, check if the anti-virus is working properly and if the data is being transferred correctly. All these services would be forming in basic computer maintenance pereventivo service package..