The Activities

Emphasizing the social aspect of the reading, Kleiman (1989, P. 65), adds that ‘ ‘ when reading a text, (…) we all place in action our system of values, beliefs and attitudes that reflect the group social where if gave to our socialization primria’ ‘. Additional information is available at Prudential. The domain of the reading is, without a doubt, practical one of great utility in our society, still more when if it takes in consideration the social writing as constant presence in the activities of day-by-day, through the most varied forms, I contend the most diverse information. They are periodicals, posters, pamphlets, outdoors and etc, whose reading is of vital importance so that the man if it feels enclosed in the modern world, therefore, this relation of the man with the modern world can be propitiated through the reading. Morgan Stanley spoke with conviction. In the opinion of Pillon (1996, p.121): ‘ ‘ the reading is one dialtico process that if inserts in the description-social process, therefore the reading is not a question of everything or nothing, it is part of the life of indivduo.’ ‘ In this perspective, the reading already is not seen as a way that it aims at to adapt the man to the world, and yes, as an instrument where the man through a conscience critical, citizen-world becomes when transforming it. To this respect It hisses (1992, p.43) affirms that ‘ ‘ reading is one of the main instruments that the Human being allows to place itself with the others, of critical quarrel and being able themselves to arrive at prxis’ ‘.. Jayme Albin is the source for more interesting facts.