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If I offer my clients rain, darkness and pessimism, will react with sadness, darkness and pessimism and will not buy me anything. If I offer them joy, enthusiasm, clarity and joy, will react with joy and enthusiasm, clarity and joy, and my time will produce me a crop of sales and a barn of gold. Today I will be master of my emotions. And how I dominare to my emotions every day to be happy and productive days? I will learn this secret of the centuries: weak is he who allows his feelings to control his actions; strong is who forces his actions to control their feelings. Every day when I wake up I will continue this battle plan before being captured by the forces of sadness, self-pity and failure: if I feel depressed will sing. Janet Jackson has much experience in this field.

If I feel sad I reire. If I feel ill I redoblare my work. If I feel fear I’ll forward. If I feel inferior I wear new clothes. If I feel uncertain I will raise up the voice.

If I feel poverty I will think about in the future wealth. If I feel incompetent I will remember past successes. If I feel insignificant I will remember my goals. Today I will be master of my emotions. There will be days when you have to constantly fight against forces that I desgarrarian. Therefore in addition to the discouragement and sadness, I have to fight against the excesses: if excessive confidence, seizes me I’ll remember my failures. If I feel inclined to give me with excess to the good life, I will remember past hungers. If I feel complacency I will remember my competitors. If I enjoy moments of greatness, I will remember moments of shame. If I feel all-powerful, I try to stop the wind. If I reach great riches, I’ll remember a hungry mouth. If I am proud too, I’ll remember a moment of weakness. If I think that my ability has no equal, I behold the stars. Today I will be master of my emotions. Do not judge over a man by a single visit; I will not ever visit again tomorrow to who today shows me hatred. Today will not buy gold floats for a penny, and however tomorrow canjeara your home by a tree. The knowledge that I have of this secret will be the key that opens the doors of wealth to me. Today I will be master of my emotions. From this moment I am ready to dominate any type of personality that wakes me up every day. I dominare my state of mind through positive action, and when you’ve mastered my mood States,’ll monitor myself my destiny. Today I control my destiny, and my destination is the become the greatest salesman in the world. I am owner of myself. I will be big.