The Partner In The Move – Hans-Georg Kramer Furniture Transport From Bielefeld

The east Westphalian family business offers a world-class relocation service moving is a stressful situation for many. Before the property in boxes is stored, a new suitable apartment must first of all be found and often renovated. An unpredictable event, such as a disease, the previously meticulously set up schedule often messes up however. Larger delays the moving date can are not respected may what can lead to problems with any Nachmietern and tarnishes its own anticipation for the new home. A relaxed parade is not a contradiction in terms, if the customer chooses for Hans-Georg Kramer furniture transport, because the company has over 100 years of experience in furniture removals. In addition to private removals company offers also corporate relocations and not only nationally and internationally but also overseas.

Corporate philosophy owner Georg Matthias Kramer sums up that a move is a matter of trust, because the customer opts for a conscientious job execution by qualified personnel, who carry out their work in the very personal environment. Whether wing transport, piano transport or the up and dismantling of kitchens, the customer can be sure, to have always a competent partner at his side. The services provided by Hans-Georg Kramer furniture removals ranging from pure move, in which the goods was packed already by the moving, furniture mounting up to the input and unpacking of household. Because every move must be made individually, owner Georg Matthias Kramer advises to phone phone 0521-66666 to an appointment or to visit the Web site for more information. Find prospects much important information for their move, because one should keep in mind: why elsewhere more pay, if the specialist makes Kramer prices, which protect the money bag. The motto is: “your belongings and goods goes on the journey – and Kramer makes the tiny price!” Conscientiously with great resources, KRAMER takes you to your new home! Contact: Hans-Georg Kramer furniture transport Mr Kramer 33699 Bielefeld 0521-6 Gustav Winkler road 48 66 66 press contact: Adgency GmbH Sarah Tilgner Castle Street 4 32108 Bad Salzuflen 052223690615