Unforgettable Trip

If you are going to spend a few weeks of free time in the beautiful country of Thailand, you need to know some things that you may find helpful. Pleasantly surprised by the ratio of local people towards tourists. It very friendly. In addition to a small pocket thefts, crimes against foreigners do not commit. On the contrary, foreigners are trying to help and protect in every way. Very interesting exchange rates in Thailand. Currency of Thailand – baht.

For 25 baht give one dollar. This is the official rate. But to exchange dollars for baht for such courses is not easy. The closer to the airport currency exchange, the lower dollar. Your losses when you buy baht at the airport can take up to 10% compared with the exchange at the bank. Which by the way, work till late. Dollars is better not to pay. Their almost no one takes.

Get your dollars are taxi drivers who take them on the predatory rate. If you go on holiday and you pocket more than 10000 dollars, be sure to Declare them, but if not zadeklariruete, bring them back will not be easy. Also set aside 300 baht for airport-fee. There is the custom in Thailand, to collect money from tourists at departure from country. Enjoy your holiday.