Universal Gifts

” And it is clear that the gift of the Handbook for the resignations “will impose a very peculiar question. Let us proceed easier. Universal Gifts – This is a dictionary. Moreover, any: highly technical, industrial, descriptive, spelling, language, encyclopedic. In the same row are reference books: technical, economic, and humanitarian. A good gift for the Day Knowledge will atlases and maps. The gift of speaking to such a gift to compose a book is not difficult. Plus gift useful and clearly containing “knowledge.” In the bookstore, if you do not get stuck, you can find gifts for almost all friends and acquaintances. We all have the basic activities and hobbies. In these areas there is no limit to perfection. Therefore, the departments of the relevant literature will provide you with sources of new knowledge-gifts. Even gay Vadinho can Gifts Hot cocktails and drinks with ice. Recipes and cooking. ” Teach “intelligent gift” – a direct approach. Try to apply the remaining knowledge and experience for a gift with meaning, with “educational” load. It is important not to overdo it. The main thing that your gift is not bestowed insulted. Not created, embarrassing, humiliating sense that he would point to the shortcomings and mistakes. Your husband has long said he wants to learn English language and, of course, he has no time. So give him a course inyaza with evening classes. Or home video courses. And even now “no time”? Feel free to give to cd English for the car”: shall learn in a traffic jam! By the way, progress has created a cool thing for motorists. Training, business and fiction in the form of audiobooks. Beautiful Day present knowledge, not only for motorists but also for “samoletolyubiteley”, ” and simple – “Transportolyubiteley. Speaking of amateurs, it’s worth remembering school-student subjects or disciplines. For example, your wife is in school years with interest studied biology and anatomy? But then became an engineer-economist and, occasionally regrets that did not go to medical school? Go to the tastes and memories of past interest and give the Big Illustrated Atlas of Human Anatomy. ” This book will be very interesting, and children. And remember your numerous “September 1”. If you live in the same town, and learned that, then take a trip on the first call to the school. Why not? Better yet, bring your classmates! Feel the child’s enthusiasm. Think of yourself, smile. Then, on September 1 was the point of transition from an idle summer holiday in the learning process. Now the Day of Knowledge for you just a normal day, no way of knowledge are added. This idea brings to the sadness But is it, congratulate ourselves on holiday and do useful exercises for the mind, for example, uncover the Japanese crossword. You can in fact give such crosswords and colleagues. And if you make copies of a crossword puzzle, then we can arrange this at the office “Reference work”. There is a job, there is time. Do not give a copy and do not allow tips. Lease work is not dependent on the volume of execution. Test and evaluation set. And no matter how it seemed that the Day of Knowledge – a celebration of students and students who wonder why this day is called “Day of schoolchildren.” Thinking about? Got it? And rightly so! Only he who believes has benefited from his knowledge. Knowledge Day – a celebration of all thinking, and therefore, all adults people.