Hour to think The peace is with you! I do not know because we insist on not wanting to see what our return happens. Oi You is special for me, and many people who also love you. The subject is old, to search the universe and who knows to find something that nobody explains The subject is quiet, because who finds answers is quiet, silences I found something I find odd that he exists well distant in another system of stars and planets, I thought that he was to disappear ahead of such largeness Perhaps either the love knows In tune with its heart and its thoughts, I felt will to write for you You are not responsible for the events in its life that had not had the results that you waited. I am certain that you made everything in accordance with what she believed to be the certainty at those moments all dumb one! all passes Our lives are in constant movement, and are good for understanding that God is in the control of everything, in all the situations do not go to say for you if to pardon or to pardon the others. I do not go to ask for to this you.

I want that you believe that exactly with the imperfections that happen in its life, the way that you chose it is the certainty. if you to look at with affection, will go to perceive with a different perspective because of this or that to happen in its life, and the life of the other people. He has patience with you! He has patience with the other people, no matter how hard he can be difficult, therefore in the certain time of matureness you will understand the facts that now are obscure to its look and its understanding. At this accurate moment a woman is being attacked for its friend, boyfriend, or until a stranger.