Also here can not be manufacturer on the gold scales, but as a general rule: the higher the better. 800 to 1000:1 standard is now in the bargain area. Almost always a TN display inside such screens. VA screens reach usually a higher contrast ratio. They are first choice for image editing.

Specifies the angle of the viewing angle from which position of the monitor you can see still some. The angle is greater, the less drops of contrast when looking from the side compared to the frontal views of the TV. The connections of flat-panel displays offer usually a digital DVI interface (digital Visual interface) for connection to the video card. Whose graphics card has a DVI output, can transmit the screen completely digital. The advantage: The image quality increases, because the image data when transferring to the monitor no longer in the Analog format and the monitor no longer back be cast must. The information is one-for-one on the screen. Important but it should be for the card and monitor to a DVI-D interface, because it only works completely digital. The related DVI – interface, however, handles analog signals.

An adapter you can connect to a VGA-connection to operate. The DVI-I interface can handle both analog and digital signals. DVI connectors transmit all only image. An additional cable is needed for sound. Built-in speaker if space available can be built-in speakers quite handy in the screen housing. Due to low available space no great HiFi are experiences to be expected from such speakers of course. Pivot function the so-called pivot point is a focal point. The monitor features a pivot function, then that means that he can be gehdreht. Thus it provides a monitor from for example from landscape to portrait to certain graphic work to be able to do better. Built-in USB HUB who has many attachments, which are not permanently connected to the PC you want to (E.g. digital camera), which can also draw on screens, an active USB hub is integrated in the base. Additional devices via the can be connect to the computer display. This makes the connection much easier. Your monitor is built-in tuner with a built-in TV tuner to TV, independently from the PC. Wide-screen television in the meantime there are screens with the widescreen format 16:10-format work. Games or movies are shown in full width. Advantage of the wide screen display: the format is adapted to the natural field of view of the people. This not only ensures fun, as long as the games are wide screen compatible. 16:9-movies are in full size and undistorted. Black bars account for… Prior to the purchase of such models is to check that the graphics card capable of is to represent high screen resolutions. The brightness is the brightness of TFT displays specified in the unit candela per square meter. Differently than the often poor insolation during notebook and NetBook displays, TFT monitors for the desktop make 200 candelas, and more. That is bright enough for virtually any lighting conditions. A bright display can quickly tire the eyes. Therefore, make sure that you also sufficiently down to adjust the brightness.