Virtual Offices

Luxurious fully equipped offices, ready to start working with receptionist and included telephone line for your calls from $181.818 + VAT per month. We have a basic infrastructure for the normal operation of any company, and give at the client’s disposal the tools to carry out the daily activities of a business a virtual office is a virtual space where you can develop activities similar to an Office. In other words, a place where developed professional tasks in order to provide a service to customers. Most government agencies and large companies within their websites offer services to their customers, suppliers and employees various utilities that replace or supplement the traditional channels of communication in the access to information and services. There are also service companies as a business center that offers virtual offices with the objective of minimizing the costs of structure of a multinational, small and medium enterprises, and entrepreneurs or self-employed. Thanks to the domiciliation of societies can reduce initial expenditure of a physical Office, which can often be costly. With the current progress of communications no longer need a physical space and the virtual office are the ideal choice for business of recent introduction in a specific territory.