Zen Teacher

Submissiveness, and only The stories and stories that have flowed from the mouth of the well-known and revered Zen teacher Bank, attracted so many people listening, and listeners were not only followers of a teacher, but students other sects. Do not retell the teacher Commandments and did not touch topics concerning scholastic focus in their talks. Literally, from the heart “take out” their teacher, washed trying to bring them to their fans. Part of the audience of the listeners another teacher named Nichiren often runs away with his sermons on purpose in order to visit . In the temple, in which waged their teachings Bank, said Nichiren himself, so that once and for all to calm your self-centered character, expressing the Zen master all that boiling until now. “My dear, as I had noticed the teacher Bank! – Put the holy father. – Do not hurry to leave. I honor you, unlike other people, literally, cringing to you.

Surprise me – into submission! “” Come closer to me, otherwise you will not see “- sounded from the lips of . Not long to wait, Nichiren, proudly carrying the head, approached the bank. On the face formed a smile. “I advise you on the left side of the pass – so it will be easier.” The priest, oddly enough, submitted. “I judged correctly at first – on the right side will be better.

Not hinder you to go on it? “- again asked the teacher. Not thinking about anything “this” holy father played the teacher’s request. “Look at those actions which had just made at my direction, – said the Zen master, – you, in fact, I obeyed, however, without noticing it, but this has not prevented me see in you a fine soul. For even more details, read what Dalton Caldwell says on the issue. Do not you think you are right now listen to me? Sit down, please feel free to others.