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Month: July 2013 Venezuelan Government

Indicates, that the capital attempted to three routes loopholes of the problem of overproduction: neo-liberal restructuring, globalization and financialization. However comments, Pickard, none of the routes mentioned by Bello worked in a sustainable way. As a result the world is in economic crisis stronger since the great depression of 1929-1942. Since then, all this represents serious problems for Mexico and Venezuela in South countries affected by the crisis by having a high degree of dependency on the United States economy. Venezuela, has a significant income in dollars before its commitment to supply oil to that country. Faced with this reality, the Venezuelan Government, he must know manage their income, not vilify it with donations from dollars to other countries, When you should invest in step with social, educational, health programs, technological, production which favours to those who live in the country, where serious problems of discontent, opposition to what many consider that the Bolivarian revolution has not been able to tackle successfully, otherwise, manifested they point out, there is unemployment, insecurity, violence, poverty, discontent, leading to the emergence of a turbulent scenariorisky. The Government should focus more on learn to use their income in its national budget, public spending, in such a way that generate programs, actions which are conducive to their development, is conducive to the transformations that are required to integrate all sectors production, from the industrial, consumer, agricultural, giving way to a domestic industry which guarantees employment, participation of the country in the international markets and of course, conducive to the interest of the agricultural development, for example, the creation and support to micro-enterprises which play a decisive role in the country’s economic productivity. To avoid further increased import, become meno dependent on this and encourage the production in order to give way to the export of new products and not only depend on oil. Urgent as they have said, profound transformation of strategy and redefine chord instruments of economic policy, macro-level and sectoral.

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Month: July 2013 The 7 Secrets Of Success

Why are people not successful? It is very simple! Most have not even a firm and applicable definition of what success. Of course, if you do not know what is success, you know nor recognize it even if reaches it. The success is one of those things that never teach us at school. Only once, at the elementary, middle school or even College, we instructed on simple techniques to resolve the habits of autosabotaje and self-motivation. They even taught us simple techniques to set goals, or how to use time in the manner most advantageous. Not to mention the planning of strategies to achieve the goals set, or the development of the self-confidence to face adversity. Nor taught us to develop the power of the will, or how to do the things that we are afraid to do. I remember how frustrated I was when nobody taught me to organize my life, accumulate wealth, or to handle all those thoughts and opposed to what I wanted to. I recognize the first secret of success the first secret of success: the determination made more than 7,000 years, Parvatti, the wife of the great Shiva asked her husband: what should a person do to succeed in life? Shiva replied: there are 7 Secrets to the success of any company. The first of these secrets is the firm determination that are going to work TIRELESSLY to achieve our goal. All men and women successful in history have had a striking similarity: determination. Let’s see which is the determination according to the dictionary definition: 1.-Decision, resolution 2.-boldness, value, dare think about it! You’ll see that nobody has found success without a firm determination to do so. The determination is the catalyst of all our beliefs, thoughts and actions. It is precisely this factor that allows us to accumulate enough personal power to give our unconscious ability to transform our thoughts in reality. As you can see is simpler than It appears, although it requires good determination! Are you determined to achieve success? Once you apply this first secret in your life, your friends will be impressed of how easy the success seems to be manifesting itself in your life. All call you lucky, but you know that being lucky is an unconscious predisposition towards success, and that this first secret was that enabled you reprogramarte to make success a habit in your life. Matter what the goal, nothing is impossible to do when one is given the book of the original Samurai author and source of the article

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Month: July 2013 Eduardo Galeano Times

Days passed in the morning, Victor Hugo Morales program did you an interview to writer Eduardo Galeano. Both ethics and aesthetics in contemporary times, took a conversation worthy of listening that he walked along all the roads of today; but there was one aspect that I want to highlight. At one point Victor Hugo made reference to the book of Galeano open veins of Latin America, asked where the writer than from the gift of Chavez to his counterpart of the United States, Obama; the book becomes a Best Seller. And that he felt before so much global dissemination of your work. To what Galeano, rich in ideas and simple man, he replied that more or less sales does not make something better or worse. But it’s just a circumstance. Any writer of middling in search of Fame, long time had spoken of such a situation, but Galeano gave him a minimal significance. Wondering what success. And this if that is a good question, in times where being necessarily successful is synonym of overcoming, capacity, veneer, recognition, rating and similar other item. Everyone wants access to him, numbers mandan and generate possibilities. Nobody is nothing saved in achieving more and almost all is worth a point. A good example of this is the television and in it, everything you need at hand to add viewers. We are in election times and politicians are preferred. There is no program that let pass without raising some dust, all add up. The TV is a powerful tool and she must go. Programs that are of any seriousness or others, that since humor used to politicians to carry out programs that give them a better number. And now they get it. To such an extent that different politicians, dealt in view as they leave for the small screen and character favors them or not.

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