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Daniel Brugiafredo

Well say I have finished my work. I would say that your job starts here. Lack the most arduous task that is the of, firstly, the position your Web and then promote your products and services and direct all your commercial efforts to the chosen market niche. topic. You have to know the different strategic, to first send qualified traffic to your website, then convert that traffic qualified prospects, then transform those prospects into customers and finally transform those customers into customers for life. This is the process that you have to follow.

Here you have much to learn and much work to do. Good as truthful work is not extremely complex but if you will take a long time to implement and maintain your virtual business. Get new clients, make strategic alliances, learn about new technologies and some things more is what you will have to add to all the activity of start-up and maintenance of your virtual business. If you want to deepen your knowledge on how to start a profitable online business, I invite you to subscribe to my mini course, which this week is still free, how to start an Online business, with results in only five lessons, you can subscribe at the following link: Daniel Brugiafredo is Professor of science accounting, although he has devoted much of his career at the State Bank of Argentina. Since 2003, begins to develop its Entrepreneur business online and has advised to not a few entrepreneurs, business and Internet marketing strategies, moving his own experience in business on line and the knowledge acquired to new entrepreneurs who start their business adventures in the network. Handles multiple own websites: and from which gives service to entrepreneurs and professionals, especially in Spain and Latin America.


CONDICIONANTES: When we relate in them to the condicionantes of the erosive processes, we are speaking of the vectors that will go to unchain these processes. We can cite the exgenos factors climate with the direct performance of the water of rains gravity (/encostas relief steep), type of vegetal covering, erodibilidade of ground (or vulnerability of the same ones in suffering erosion) antrpica eao.

3. GROUND AND LANDSCAPES AS OPEN SYSTEMS the formation of ground is the result of the interaction of many processes, in such a way geomorfolgicos as> edficos. These processes portray a variability in such a way secular and space significant, being of this form it is important to approach ground as a dynamic system. Being thus, the ground and the landscapes must be considered open systems 1. The thickness of the ground goes to depend on the taxes of its removal and formation, that is, in the areas where the removal is minimum, deep ground go to develop themselves; where the erosive action will be more active, the ground will be less thick. In the geomorfologia this can well be understood as a resultant rocking of the denudation 2. In this direction WAR (2004) apud PALMIERI and LARACH (2000), summarizes the relations between ground and landscapes well, when they detach the paper that the relief exerts in the development of ground, with great influence in the hdricas conditions. A schematical drawing is followed – of well simple form – to exemplificar the influence of the relief in the erosion taxes and 3 intemperismo. Plainer areas tend the lesser taxes of erosion, in compensation, steeper areas provide to greaters denudation taxes. Schematical drawing of the erosion taxes and intemperismo: Figure 01: Erosion x Intemperismo 3.

Win and Not Disappear

One of the constants that exist in this world is change. And this applies to any activity that you’re doing. Although there are some things that will always remain equal or they will be so small as to be imperceptible changes, the vast majority will have a great impact on anything that is relevant. In online business, the change is quite fast, so much that sometimes it grabs us unawares. Million years, according to one of many theories, a meteorite fell on Earth, causing great damage and changes in the planet that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, the dominant species, and gave rise to our ancestors evolve until it reaches us. On one occasion, someone asked how long had taken him to the planet recover from such a change.

The truth is that the planet was never recovered. It simply adapted. When we speak of doing business on the Internet, this point is crucial, not only to make more money, but to ensure your survival. The competition never sleeps (literally) and nor must you stay you. In addition, providers appear and disappear, change the terms of service (speaking of Google slaps), operations, schedules and even name. Given this, it should be an adaptation strategy. Do you ever wondered, what would happen if this or that? It is planning for a scenario and is something that you should consider in your plan to make money.

There are many things that aren’t in your control and must be prepared for surprises. If you’ve been in this business for a few months, it is likely that changes in operations of Amazon and Adsense service have you touched. Although they can be transparent to some, they are really serious for some business models. Without you’ve not considered, it is best that you go to take this into account. Change can be difficult, but is a necessary evil. It diversifies your ingresosUtiliza more than one of many forms of making money online. If you change one, the other can remain the same.No cases you with the Tecnologiaen as far as possible, it uses technologies with an interface Open or estandirazada. Anything you used to have the best in something if it is not compatible with anything else. A plan prepares your sites and blogs for the cambioTen ready to make quick changes to your ads, banners or affiliate links. This is not complicated and there are many ways of doing this, some as simple as having your links and banner in a file ready to be copied or changed codes. Check your attitude you get to do tantrums for a change? This will not help you in anything and Yes will make your work more difficult. As in many other things, making money is a question of attitude. Internet is free and does not ask permission from anyone to change. However, with a little planning, you can make change work for you. Ultimately, if your business is ready, you can that your competitors do not and that give you the advantage. Not bad for a little bit of planning. Follow the link and sees how it is your attitude to money.


The POOR PERSON Nazar, 13-07-2011 total poor Age, Liveed under Da Ponte. Of thought, of spirit and money. He was hated for all and he decided to readquirir itself. It was to the one church and he did not see God, He was to the other church and wanted it to vender Jesus. They had asked to it if the Jesus had money to pay the tenths to have access. As he did not have, he was I banish before entering.

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Isabel Myers

the personality and temperament also affect how we perceive the world and how we get along with each other. Therapists, leadership in the development of the gurus and other professionals used models of type and temperament to help people learn more about themselves, appreciate differences in others and to improve family relationships and work. Two popular methodologies are Myers-Briggs and Eneagram. We must not forget, according to Gordon Allport, personality is the Organization of psychophysical systems that determine the way of thinking, acting, only one of each subject in its process of adaptation to the environment. The big five of Myers Briggs model. During the years of 1950, Katheryn Briggs and Isabel Myers developed a personality identification method based on the theory of psychological types of Jung. The Myers-Briggs type indicator depends on a series of questions to determine which of 16 ratings look you better to the respondent.

Type patterns are correlated with pairs of preferences of personality model is also known as inventory of the personality of Myers – Brigss (MBTI) or the psychological types of Myers – Brigss indicator. Should be noted that the MBTI was based on the theory of carl Jung’s psychological types, as mentioned above and which allows detecting differences in the behavior of psychologically normal people according to:-your source of motivation-your way of perceiving information.-its mode of use information.-his stance towards the world the MBTI does not measure personality traits, but preference for one or the other pole of the four psychological dimensions, the questionnaire is composed of 96 items of choice, which represent preferences of behavior daily in each of the four dimensions of the test, each item scores for each of the poles of each dimension. To set an individual difference in one dimension, compares the points obtained in each one of the poles. The highest score will indicate preference. On the other hand, of the combination of preferences in each of the dimensions originates a personality pattern, called psychological type that is represented by the four letters that determine their preferences.

Computer Technology

The new technologies if present as a social phenomenon that, under the prism of a new period of training, promotes in the individual a certain necessity to learn. It is intended, still, to observe the results of a set of action, in the context of the pertaining to school education, that if characterized for the insertion of the computer as tool of acquisition of the reading. About a general way, one is here, of a contribution for the briefing of the relation: reading of a text printed matter versus reading of an electronic text. The Research consisted with the reading of the Book digitalizado and read Red Small hat in the screen of the computer between November of 2010 and January of 2011. Qualitative study whose adopted method was the study with a group of pupils and instruments of collection: questionnaires, evaluations, daily of field and focal interview. The analysis of the results disclosed that the pupils had interest in giving continuity to this model of readings.

The school used the didactic book printed matter, little motivador, concluding that this innovation in the reading was little known. The Scanneado Book was efficient, therefore it motivated the pupils if to involve and to learn exercising the autonomy, resulting in satisfaction and pleasure in reading. INTRODUCTION Throughout twenty and five years of teaching in the basic education, could if it observes for repeated times, that the treatment conferred to the children guideline for one given necessity to become them adult in miniatura1. They know everything very early, to the step who lose the interest with easiness. During this professional trajectory, I have observed, still, that the changes between generations if verify in more forceful way in the scope of the pertaining to school life. In the school, they come if becoming evidentes more, between the pupils, a massificao of problems of learning of the most different shades.