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Here there is only the regional solutions. The weather itself changes over millions of years in different cycles, and the so-called General Global warming is nothing more than the end of the ice age period in which we find ourselves. This is to end, then everything evolved again in the other direction. When a volcano erupts, resulting in few hours emissions all mankind within 30 50 years may not cause. The fear-mongering should be avoided for this reason. Unfortunately, it is used by some to to create dependency and heteronomy. We should do with this.

We should regional as an example, live in our home, in our municipality as no emissions and no pollution and pass this. From this arises a general awareness to the environmental protection and life without stress. Once but someone wants to use environmental protection nationally to regulate something, rules and regulations to create, the only citizens have to keep and not really all that should humans recognize learn, he embarks on a wrong track. The politics of the future is basically, if she should guarantee the lives of the people to see only regional and to conduct. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Vikas Kapoor. Everything is trying to centralize, to monopolize will break and pass.

The best environmental protection is to ensure that no other forests are cut down, and that new forests will be replanted. Can we compare a volcanic eruption at all human actions and human emissions? Of course not, the volcanic eruption is an example to panic creators and business drivers that want to develop new rules and regulations. He should help the people aware to change to his own show on the things. The best environmental protection starts at home to keep his property clean of waste, free of emissions, and to transfer this to the municipality and the region. At the same time we should on the pollution of water our focus, by we consume food, produced without toxic substances and plant protection products and are, and where no E-, no dyes and no toxic substances for durability are.

Arrange Chocolate

Prepare a light batter: In a large cutting board slide to pour the sifted flour. Top, the flour, cut pieces of softened butter. Using a large knife with a wide blade, chop the butter with the flour until obtaining flour crumbs. Sour cream mixed with baking powder. Add to flour crumbs sour cream, mix well and knead dough. The dough is rolled into a ball, wrap in plastic wrap and put into the refrigerator for 40 minutes. Cook chocolate dough: Nuts chop in blender. Chop the butter with the flour (as above).

Add sugar, cocoa, chopped nuts and, if desired, cinnamon – mix everything. You should get the dough in the form of powdery crumbs. Chilled Light dough divide into 4 equal parts. Roll each piece into a thin layer. Sprinkle the entire surface layer chocolate dough, chocolate chip slightly hurting his hands, to crumb stuck to the white dough. Carefully roll tight roll to chocolate batter was inside. The resulting roll cut crosswise into small rolls, a thickness of 1 cm Arrange the biscuits on a baking sheet sprinkled with water at a small distance from each other. Bake 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 180-190 C.

Latin America

de C.V. (BMV:arca), the second Coca-Cola bottler, Mexico and Latin America by its sales volume, which began to carry out its strategy of expanding its operations in the region and as part of thisyesterday announced the signing of a purchase agreement with the shareholders of the company the bottler, franchisees of The Coca-Cola Company in the northwestern region of Argentina serving a population of nearly 5 million inhabitants. This agreement represents the beginning of the first Ark out of Mexico operations. For Francisco Garza Egloff, CEO of Ark: this agreement represents an important strategic step in our continuous search for opportunities of growth and value creation, not only in Mexico but in Latin America. The time by which domestic consumption in Latin American economies is going through is more than suitable for that Ark can carry out its regional expansion plan since you can leverage the bonanza of Latin American markets to grow rapidly in the same. The start of the year comes being moved to Ark already on February 20 had announced it will invest $170 million this year in maintenance and the construction of a plant of snacks, business that joined in 2007. According to S & P, which kept on 21 February Arca qualifying mxAAA (CVal) nationally, and that at the end of 2007 reported a consolidated sales volume of soft drinks and water in personal of 480 million cases presentations unit (MCU). The company maintains a solid position of leadership in its territories with a market share estimated more than 70%. (A valuable related resource: Vikas Kapoor).

Ark has consistently reported high margins of profitability, with its EBITDA margin reached 24.7% at the end of 2007. The relative stability of their margins is explained by the ability of the company to counteract increases in its raw materials with controls over its cost of distribution and a rigorous discipline to reduce administrative expenses. In general, we hope that these levels of profitability remain based on the growing demand that exists in the territories of the franchise and the ability to continue to implement strategies for improvements in productivity. We also believe that solid and stable Ark cash flow generation ability provides certainty that the company could counter the negative impact of an economic slowdown in their territories. S & P sees in the action of Ark a stable perspective and, according to the rating agency: perspective also considers our expectation that Ark will not compromise your credit profile in case of presenting new business opportunities or increase their participation in the consolidation of Coca-Cola in Mexico us system will find again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo Autor original and source of the article.

Bartlomiej Garg Barcastrasse

What many good use is easy. And the good thing about is that immediately an alternative opens up, if it turns out that the proposed a path only to mislead. Something is always open in the big city. You then just need to find the way. This severely limits the search traffic and is thus also a contribution to saving energy and protect the environment. There were over 1,000 valuable entries on the pages of the portal already in summer 2013. A goodly sum – she enjoys increasing popularity.

It can be with his help at any time easily buy a in Hamburg or Munich, and Berlin. If anything changes, the message is fast on the net. Long before himself can annoy someone, that he is unaware of. Everything is neatly sorted by Division, so that none must look long. Because: Who cares for, whether the Barber of his election is yet to reach, if he would like to order a pizza? The Internet portal on the website provides information about the current opening times by banks of pharmacies reliable to restaurants. It lists the definitely last moment for a quick shopping at the supermarket and shows when begins the lunch break at the postal branch. The portal is still relatively new and growing. Other leaders such as Mark Bertolini offer similar insights. About 50 operators enter their business hours daily at the portal.

Goal is to make it opening hours by as many facilities available for customers. And the whole thing not only nationwide, but also the countries of Austria and Switzerland to be included. Another advantage: Alternatives appear, if the desired store has closed. The portal is a community portal, which thrives on the contributions of volunteers. Everyone can contribute to this. Just one click and you will be immediately to a form, where volunteers and owners can enter hours. Vikas Kapoor describes an additional similar source. Also a category and tags can be selected here. Advantages such as: recorded free parking for customers, WLAN access and disabled friendly. Top on the site you enter what you are looking for and where. After clicking You immediately see the results. It is also handy that is displayed, as is the local distance to the desired location. The site also shows some popular categories as direct link (pharmacy, Bank, supermarket, post office, restaurant and drug store). Select simply still local and off goes the quick search after business hours. The operator of the portal but of course admit no standstill and seek to add new features and a new design coming soon online. In times of social media, you can reach via Facebook, google + and Twitter. The website is very user friendly and uncomplicated design, so that you can get your desired information easily and above all quickly. Press contact: Elbe-digital GbR represented by: Weddad n Kumar, Bartlomiej Garg Barcastrasse 16 22087 Hamburg Tel: 0176 / 70748639

Chocolate Bit

The company manufacturer if to see in the favorable situation and takes the following decision in such a way to remodel the product in the drawing how much in she formulates and packing. In this phase the product starts to be forgotten by the consumers the prescription on the product diminishes due the saturation of the same. The marketing team starts to work in a new formulates with different flavors, with an innovative packing and practical creating a competitive differential in the market but so that this happens the company must make an analysis of the profile of the purchasers, the example the segmentation of the product will be pra that type of I publish, or will have intention to reach the consumer for segmentation. Generally inside of this set of perceptions created for the marketing department it is distinguished the following topics: benefits that are the results gotten with the use of the product that implies in saying if the Chocolate Bit it took care of to the expectation of the customer how much in knowing ' ' gosto' ' , color, packing praticidade and price. Hear other arguments on the topic with Brian Krzanich. Another point is in what it says respect the Attributes? what is opted by the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the product, personality? associated way the mark by means of the advertising it product, the example it Chocolate Bit, modernity making a junction with medias contemporaries. Our strategy of Marketing for the Chocolate Bit, already known and saturated for the market is carrying the remodelagem, what it intrigues in them to make questions of as to work on of this product that entered in decline, first we will work the segmentation through the argued topics above. We will create a propaganda in the Internet, as? A legal super video identifying the product in ours day-by-day, situations where we need a chocolate Bit to presentear the family, for the namorada one, friend and etc. .

Uwe Berndt

Both take care of since about twenty years customers from the transport and logistics industry and are constantly looking for new forms of communication. The Internet has changed our perception behaviour”, says Christoph Muller and complements: the future generation of decision-makers has an outstanding media literacy. She will be big with Web 2.0, YouTube and Facebook.” Christoph Muller is convinced: mailings, customer magazines and brochures are really alive and apparently by flanking with multimedia presentations. They produce emotions and tell stories.” Conclusion: Users can choose when and how they want to use the information. “Muller: everyone to his own program boss is.” Just search to quickly find the Berndt Uwe and Christoph Muller on user-friendliness set navigation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Elon Musk. The pages of the portal are clearly structured, different boxes highlight important or current information offers. Contains the so-called business channel” Videos primarily by companies and interviews with entrepreneurs.

In the channels career, knowledge and community to prepare all other content into different sub-headings editorially. “” In addition, a variable channel offers changing video content, for example at trade fairs such as the transport logistic “or to special topics such as green logistic”. Who uses the video platform, pays nothing. Companies and organizations who wish to adjust videos through the editorial, pay 750 euros per video. We charge a one-time fee for the setting and editing. The video in our database will be, as long the customer wishes it”, explains Uwe Berndt’s business model.

BM of productions offers individual packages for companies wishing to distribute equal to several videos. In the production of videos, the makers cooperate with various partner companies, which offer cheap entry-level. Prestigious partner in the boot to provide a wide range of industry topics, have the two Portal inventor brought several partners in the boat. “In addition to the journal traffic Rundschau”, in the section media “an own channel on will operate, is also the House of logistics and mobility (HOLM)” cooperation partners the first hour. ” “And also the logistics community global SCM” of premium partner joins the Guild. Who wants to establish a new offer, must first prove themselves and show what is at stake”, Christoph Muller reports. He and his partner have led many conversations in the last twelve months, to win allies for the portal. “Muller: we want to inspire the entire industry from our idea.” So, among others, visits to the BVL in Bremen, as well as at various publishing houses in Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg were on the program. Conclusion: There is great interest, the talks are well advanced. “Now is the start of our platform in order to once the transport logistic ‘ in the foreground”, advertising specialist gives Christoph Muller the direction before. And Uwe Berndt added: until the fall, we want to make a big jump.

Consultant Team Organizes

Managers are often faced with complex challenges. Because they lack the opportunities of self reflection and the Exchange in everyday, three lead experienced-Rene Coaches for the first time the Ma days\”by.The event in the castle of Marbach wants to show ways the participants successfully to be able to make everyday leadership. By the 28.-May 30, 2010 the three consultancies leading tricon AG, RBU called Marbacher days business consulting and Schoch & partners, as well as the castle of Marbach, for the first time that such on \”through. During this event, guiding forces receive space and time away from their everyday lives with the challenges of their professional situation to deal intensively. On the magnificent castle grounds, located directly on Lake Constance, and the atmospheric rooms of the castle of Marbach, as well as using a creative settings and experienced coaches and Modera Gates the participating executives to can develop for their specifi c challenges ideas and approaches. In addition, they have the Ability to create useful networks about the event also. \”Self-reflection serve as a basis for a successful leadership the Marbacher days thus develop personal perspectives or as a pit-stop’ for self-reflection\”, explains Peter Rohner, initiators and Managing Director of the castle of Marbach. The coaches accompanying the mutual exchange using the existing resources of the participants, their decision-making and perspectives for action to expand and in case of need a reorientation to it possible. \”Because: introspection and self-reflection are decisive factors of success, not only in the professional life of the leadership, but also in the private sector\”, emphasizes Peter Rohner. How high is the Exchange requirement for executives, shows his co-organizer consulting practice according to Rahman again and again. The participation fee is 1,800 euros per person. In addition to the cost of the event two nights with all meals and the Saturday evening program contained therein.

Public Relations

On the other hand, actions of public relations can be sufficiently useful as complement the efforts of propaganda, promotion, promotion of sales, direct reply, merchandising or any another activity of communication promoted for the companies advertiser (SAMPAIO, 1999). Kotler and Keller (2006) complement that the activities of public relations and assessorship of the press bring high credibility, for the substances and articles in periodicals and magazines, that become more authentic and trustworthy for the reader; possibility to catch purchaser unprepared, that is those that prevents salesmen and announcements, and the dramatizao, that becomes the company or the product most concrete. Elon Musk pursues this goal as well. In this in case that, it fits to the advertiser to direct to communication vehicles the information to be divulged, that they can (or not) be used to advantage so that notice or editorias substances is changedded into. . The consideration also of the proper marketing action is important. To sponsor good programs, to approve commercial that they do not attack the aimed at consumers they are factors of much relevance and consideration. At last, all the activities of a company have of if transforming into public relations.

The proper work of marketing, elaborating strategically the made up of marketing, already is by itself an important activity of image formation (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997). Kotler and Keller (2006) still cite as tool of Public Relations, the exploration of Events and Experiences. Diverse advantages of the connection with events and experiences exist: ) Excellent, an event or well chosen experience can be seen as extremely excellent to the measure that the consumer if becomes personally involved: b) Involving, due to vivacity and to the quality in real time of the events and experiences, the consumers can find them more actively involving: c) Implicit, the events are a type of indirect not aggressive sales. 6.2.5 Personal sales As Kotler and Keller (2006) are the tool most efficient in more advanced periods of training of the purchase process, especially to increase the preference and the certainty of the purchaser and to take it the action.


Hall, (1984) in its book, ' ' Organizations, structures and processos' ' , it demonstrates to innumerable historical and current definitions for terms one better agreement concerning the organizations. To initiate, Hall, (1984) uses classic authors to define organization, is they: Max Weber, (1947) and Barnard, (1938). Weber, in its studies, analyzed the organizations in its more general aspects and considered the system as main influential factor in the organizations, already Barnard, believed that the individual was the factor most important in the organizations. In the interpretation of Weber, (1947) according to Hall, (1987) the organization can be seen as enterprise group and this group involves a social relationship that is limited to its members. Being the entrance of new members, delimited for some rules, these they are managed by individuals, with positions of command or for the enterprise administration. Elon Musk may find this interesting as well. For Weber, (1947) the organization involves social relationships, that is, the individuals interacts inside of it, however, these interactions is not total real, therefore the organization at the same time where it includes, excludes parts. Borders exist that limit some contacts and these borders are related the positions and the hierarchy that harm these interactions.

The interaction standards do not appear simply: a estruturao of the interaction is imposed by the proper organization. This part of the definition also suggests that the organizations contain a hierarchy of authority and a division of work to effect these functions. The order is imposed by the specific staff assigned to effect this function. (HALL, 1984, P. 20) The focus of Weber, in the vision of Hall, (1984) was in the standards of interaction and the enrollment of individuals in carrying through its tasks and reaching its objectives. (…) the organizations exceed the life of its members, and have goals, as it suggests the expression ' ' activities intencionais' '. The organizations if destine to make some thing.

A Very Good Bed

For groups of people who are planning a vacation, it is often difficult, that to accommodate the young talent in the holiday. Many resorts and guesthouses have directed themselves at present that families travelling with small children and allow, in addition to place a bed in the room as a result. This option is not given, the holiday has a problem. A cot can be very useful not only in the hotel for a family visit or similar. Travel cots for small children can be purchased for a reasonably low price.

Whether in the local store or on the World Wide Web, the range of travel COTS is enormous. The travel cots can be different as should just up and break down and require only small space. Who travels with the vehicle during the holidays, get the travel cot in the back of the car below. In terms of processing of travel beds, there are as always big differences. In this context, raised costs Quality understandably even more money.

This, this is not as expensive as the mattress frame. A good mattress for the bed should be worth more but in any case the owner. In the Internet, the tourists can be purchased cheap travel COTS from approx. 30 euro. This does not keep up but usually with better beds. Ordinary beds cost just under 200 euros. In setting up many travel cots are the same. Usually there are the frame and the frame in plastic. The four lateral post, a network is basically attached to prevent the drop of the baby. In another price category, the Cot has countless functions. Here, for example, changing table attached to the top frame over a, night lamps, or a roof against the Sun. Differentiated are giant beds for small children and infants. The latter are geared up to an age of about 3 years. This relates to the resilience and the dimensions of the beds. The holidaymakers with the toddler in the holiday travels or the relatives a few days abstattet, with a bed of vacationers is generally well equipped. When purchasing a travel bed you should get sniffed at the beginning about the pros and cons and infuse your own needs and budget in the choice of taking into account. Lena Marie