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Huizinga Playful

what is playfulness? The playful activity surpasses the projects, consequences widely and draws out almost all the actions. In this perspective, the game exceeds the sphere of the life human being, being, therefore, previous to the culture. Still, the playful activity assumes an ordinance of the reality, either subjective and intuitiva it (as in the case of the games of fiction or imagination), or conscientious objective and (as in the case of the games with rules). In the referenciais, in special of Huizinga (2000), the culture it appears under the game form, being that the playful trend of the human being is in the base of many accomplishments in the sphere of the philosophy, science, the art (in special of music and the poetry), in the military field and same politician and in the judicial area. Brian Krzanich can provide more clarity in the matter. Therefore, the basic idea of this author is that, beyond the games that normally are incorporated the culture of a people, the proper culture if form and if it develops stimulated for the playful spirit.

Therefore it does not have as to speak of playful and not saying of games and tricks. The game is an activity that has an enormous educational value, therefore beyond stimulating the child, to develop its reasoning, aid in the learning, and still it obtains to make with that the children establish relations of companionship one with the others. In the book ‘ ‘ The game for jogo’ ‘ of Leift and Brunelle (1978), the game corresponds to a natural impulse of the child, and in this direction, it satisfies a necessity interior, therefore the human being presents a playful trend. Some contend that vikas kapoor shows great expertise in this. Rousseau and Pestalozzi (apud SOUZA, 1996), in century XVIII, pointed out the importance of the games as formative instrument, therefore beyond exercising the body, the directions and the aptitudes, the games also prepared for a life in common and the social relations.


In a perspective to interdisciplinar, that is, that one that if apia in an interchange in which one or more laws taken by one disciplines can be used to explain phenomena of another one disciplines by means of some redefinition, some accumulation of knowledge and, mainly, by means of the possible connections with others you discipline, we argue, in this work, the literary text as a mosaic of other texts, some next ones, some most distant ones. We point as the reading citizen can be capable to recognize the traces and vestiges considered here as nuances interdisciplinares, from which this interchange can happen, a time that a text estimates one another text, a subject estimates another subject and an analysis, another analysis. Objectifying this study, it is necessary to argue as the literary text can be worked in classroom from the perspective to run away from the traditional techniques of that education of Literature centered in the semiologia and the sistmica analysis, that is, that one of if at the time inscribing the literary text of its production and its main judgments and characteristics that had interested this time. For a reason or purpose questioning of the pertaining to school resume broken up by you discipline, we create a dialogue between the reading citizen and the texts from its proper daily one, understanding this daily since the world contemporary until the lived individual impasses in the outskirts of each text. According to Lajolo (1994, P. 32), ' ' literature constitutes privileged modality of reading where the freedom and the pleasure are virtually ilimitados' '. She is necessary to also remember that Literature is a science in transit with other sciences and that the pleasure, the motivation of the learning can inhabit exactly in this passage of science for science, of disciplines for disciplines, that is, in the interdisciplinaridade. According to author: ' ' Perhaps if she has not reflected still sufficiently on some traces that modern pedagogias and certain models of renewed school had printed to the education, mainly in the education of literature. .


The found archaeological small farms are in agreement the lticos vestiges, 3 Lito-Ceramic Small farms, 20 Small farms, 4 ceramic, 1 petroglifos and 1 description, being that, until the moment in two areas of alcohol plant works of archaeological rescue and patrimonial education had been only carried through. Being thus, beyond this factor predominantly ignored by ambient agency SEMA-GO, entrepreneurs and IPHAN, the areas that by law would have to be contemplated archaeological studies they are being erroneamente omitted during the phases of release of the installation licenses, as well as, areas that for law would have to be object of studies on the cultural patrimony. The responsibility of workmanships of the sucroolcooleiro sector is not only in constructing the plant with the built structure, it would have to be extended to a commitment in over all developing works that objectify the preservation of the memory, the identity culture and, in preserving history, important item for the formation of a nation. To present these works to develop projects in set with the municipal authorities being created initiatives that objectify the preservation of the cultural patrimony, they would be initiatives that would demonstrate to a bigger sense of responsibility and respect with a common cultural inheritance the entrepreneurs and authorities. Currently they are the works of archaeology in sucrolcooleiras areas and that they call the attention the authorities and entrepreneurs for the responsibility of each one in the preservation of the patrimony and valuation of the same. is thanks to the scientific results gotten in the rescue works the archaeological small farms (when carried through) in the areas of plant of alcohol improvement that one parcels out of the cultural patrimony this being preserved. ' ' Educative activities in Archaeology would have spontaneously to be motivated, much more that lapsing of an ethical principle. If the archaeologists not to understand as Archaeology in the aid to understand the past and the gift, others will be able who know, to define archaeological small farms as ' ' Mines of Ouro.' ' ' ' (Herscher & McManamon apud, Fernandes, the 2007) Ahead of these problems factor patrimonial education would be an alternative to brighten up the constant disrespect that the archaeological and cultural patrimony comes suffering with the descumprimento from the law and destruction from archaeological small farms in workmanships modificadora from the environment.

Optimism Entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur, implies a responsibility. An entrepreneur must have in mind that in a moment will be taking care of its clients, since for that it has initiated a emprendimiento. Without clients a business cannot subsist. The responsibility, therefore, of the entrepreneur, will be, to analyze its clients to know its needs, and everything what they need to leave ahead in his life. One is an obligatory diagnosis on the part of an entrepreneur. Only thus, it will be able to be determined what will be due to give our clients, when and how it is due to give him, and in what amounts. Certain steps exist that must be realised to avoid that a business project fails and, those steps directly are related to certain characteristics, own of their personality. Without these characteristics, innate, in some cases, the personality of the entrepreneur, a emprendimiento could fail.

A emprendimiento is seen like express a vision, take action before the visionado thing, and follow with certainty the work until obtaining the propose goals before our vision. That is to say, it is to leave a mental state of desire and to make it reality, by means of a series of actions, carried out with certainty and perseverancia. I can affirm that, some characteristics constitute attitudes and, in that context, some of the characteristics required for a successful emprendimiento, are the following: 1. – Optimism. Of simple form, the optimism means to see the future of positive way, without rather harnessing any circumstance that could prevent the development of our business, but, diminishing them. The experience has demonstrated that the success depends on the knowledge and ability to handle the difficult situations. 2. – Creativity. It is to think and to act outside the common thing, but with common sense. It is to extend our mind beyond the traditional ordinary and, by means of a critical analysis of the circumstances and the events.

Enterprise Crisis

On a typical weekday head of sales was walking down the street. In my head spinning just thinking about how to tell a subordinate of an impending crisis in the enterprise. One of these days the main supplier stopped deliveries products. Having worked for one year or with subordinates, did not want someone to dismiss. Now it is time to meet with representatives of the supplier of brand clothing from Germany. Trembling at the knees, hands are cold and restless thoughts crisis further aggravated the situation.

Translator's still no. "Why did I not thought it necessary to study the German" – a sudden thought flashed through my head. The silence was broken phone call. Is an interpreter arrived at the last moment? "It's the German delegation" – told a gentle female voice. And now, all gathered in his office, except for an interpreter. It's time to find the cause of the abolition of product delivery from the supplier.

Mute silence reigned in the cabinet. Looking into the eyes sitting in front of people and blushing with shame, the chief said: "I must tell you that do not possess knowledge of German and so we'll have to wait for an interpreter." "I propose to start without an interpreter. I have good conversational Russian "- suddenly uttered one of the representatives of German companies. Saved, the thought flashed through my head. As it turned out, the supplier has not stopped the supply of goods. This product has been detained at customs due to lost certificates. The issue was resolved. But could all turned out differently, do not know the representative of the German company of the Russian language. With the development of international relations increasingly require knowledge of foreign languages. In most companies, when completing a summary must specify the knowledge and the degree of knowledge of foreign languages. Due to the fact that most organizations already cooperating with foreign customers and suppliers, whether large holding company or a restaurant. After all, the company more profitable to take a specialist in their field with knowledge of a foreign language than to hire a separate interpreter. It is not always an interpreter could be next. Learning foreign languages in schools are already beginning to early classes. And yet, the study methodology leaves much to be desired. Faced with a foreigner to communicate in English, only a few will be able to talk to him. When contacting the same with foreign partners to the fore the ability to negotiations, business correspondence and communicate freely, responding to all questions. Currently, there are many techniques for learning languages. And every self-respecting organization of the teaching endeavor to reach fore. Among the huge competition over prized real specialists in their field who have diplomas and certificates ucles. Especially for those who value their time, there is an effective option of studying: studies with native language, which can not only learn the special vocabulary and work out the typical turns of phrase, but also to overcome the language barrier, and in a short time to speak English fluently as their first language.

Career Success Starts With An MBA

Development of new projects has always been a significant event in the life of the company. In fact, after testing, the most successfully implemented in the work, and their authors will be given the opportunity to lead the project, to build career receiving other benefits. Program sales forecasting, developed and launched by Vladislav three months ago in the analytical department, has demonstrated its cost effectiveness, high accuracy and precision results. Soon he was offered to head a new project, which was also introduced to the company. Conversation with the ceo took place suddenly. Talking Head announced free Job Head of Information and Analysis Division. About three years, Vladislav combined work of the programmer and system administrator, participated in the development of several products.

But he always wanted to be realized independently. He has a creative approach to work was full of ideas and plans. Implement their own ideas hindered by several factors: uncertainty, lack of knowledge of the features to promote new products, lack of explanations an idea of how to implement new development, how to present their work and other characteristics of business processes. When the opportunity to get foreign business education, Vladislav, without hesitation, chose the mba. But work is so absorbed and fascinated him that leave all projects and development for 2 years he could not. We had to look for options. System of full-time and part-time did not suit him, because each of these programs require direct presence in the classroom. Different universities offer instruction in various specializations.

Vladislav opted for distance training program for an mba in Information Systems from Kingston University. Prestigious American university proposed comfortable learning environment and an affordable price. Opportunity to combine work and study possible Vladislav tight do your project. A study via the Internet release of additional time for practical apply the knowledge gained in management, business ethics, marketing, e-business and others. Having been the first course, Vladislav revised its approach to achieving the objectives, adjusted their professional plans and began to apply new knowledge in the current work. Six months later, a former employee of the it department defended its first presentation project. Today, Vladislav – Head of Information and Analytical Department, continues to training, and full of desire to learn new relevant knowledge in high technology and management.

Virtual Technology

The present world has evolved from a considerable number of individual public entities reliably separated by vast distances in a single informative and a separate sense, fiscal space. Because full study of a foreign language is now considered not only natural for the fashion trend, but generally a necessity for the vast numbers of people. For those who love to travel, foreign language required to communicate in a faraway country and get the most information. For such who is engaged in business, knowledge of a foreign language – it's a great opportunity to increase mutual understanding with partners and to minimize the costs of interpreters. And in a situation when there is intention to learn a foreign language, but it is not free time, then the best solution – is learning English online, when teacher and student in contact with each other in real time taking advantage of the World Wide Web. Convenience of this kind of training is obvious: the courses actually perform in real time, which need to find time in your schedule that fits exactly the time the lesson. No need to search while on the road to the place of employment and in the opposite direction.

In addition to being in a close atmosphere of the apartment or office much reduced level of occurrence of nervous tension. And then the English or German online will learn with maximum convenience. Moreover, the benefits of tutoring with the help of virtual technology is clear: likewise actually visiting the lessons properly organized by native speakers who are able to reside in a completely different power, hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Want to note that education with Virtual Technology to the same far cheaper than traditional lessons with a private tutor. And all for the simple reason that there will not need to spend huge sums of money for taking in the rent of classrooms, and at the same time on the road teacher costs. Personality, great ability to own any foreign language, facilitate, and in many other aspects, including the implementation of translations. Official papers and personal notes, contracts and more knowledgeable experts on translation can translate into a foreign language in the shortest period of time. In a situation, if you're interested in translation from English, you should turn to professionals who can solve this aspect soon and maximum productivity. Do you begin to master any foreign language themselves, or seek support and high-quality translation to the professionals – in any form, any person remarkably understands that the most important value in life and in business – a chance to communicate normally. And at the moment it is open to all wishing.

Knowledge Recommendations

Tell Looking ahead, which doors are open for you to choose a program. On your plans, dreams, aspirations. And from a social perspective – as you can be useful to him. Think about why you do need it. And make this training institution. Letters of recommendation to be dominant in them should be on those qualities that are needed in the chosen specialty. Letters of recommendation teachers can represent you as a good, proactive, creative student. For those entering the graduate program will be a big plus recommendations from an international company, even if you were there training and worked well, since such recommendations are fairly objective. The letter indicates the contact information of the person who makes a recommendation. If the person who gives you advice, does not speak a foreign language, the letter should write in the language in which it could respond if he called back from the university. In this case, attached a notarized translation of the letter. Experience If you entered the graduate or postgraduate programs need to show experience. Preferably after graduation and in their specialty. Work on the Work & Travel program is not an advantage, since it is not skilled seasonal work, not work specialty, about this practice can not even mention if it is not directly related to the chosen future profession. Valued work in multinational companies, since they gain international experience, there are skills to work in a multicultural environment, and provides objective recommendations. Test gre / gmat gmat (Graduate Management Admission Test) – to take the entrants in the Masters in business or management, as well as the program mba. gre (Graduate Record Examination) need to take students who want to get a Masters degree or PhD in the U.S. and Canada. The results of this test is pay attention. For a man whose English is not their native language is not easy to pass this exam at a high level. If a student did it, so he has a good mathematical and analytical skills. This argument can be decisive and profitable distinguish you among the students for whom English – native language. Knowledge of foreign languages is an advantage Knowledge of other languages. English know all coming. Even your mother tongue in this situation is an advantage compared to local students who know only English. You’ll be useful for working with international companies. In recent years, Western universities is valued and appreciated knowledge of Swedish, Finnish and Chinese languages. Additional Benefits Voluntary (voluntary) of the company. Especially if the man himself with his own and organized. Language club, for example. It is important to show that you have initiative and know how to be interested, to gather people around her, have managerial ability or leadership qualities. We hope that our recommendations will help you in preparing documents for a successful entry into a chosen university abroad. Most importantly, do not forget that in many universities for the most demanded a special set of closed as soon gain the required number of students. In addition to our students an important issue is to obtain a visa, but this procedure can take 1-2 months. So do not take risks and do better to prepare documents in advance. Then in the summer will only wait for a visa and to prepare the bags.

MBA Degrees

This happens because of several key factors. Firstly, the number of professionals who, after some experience seeking an mba degree. In relation to employment in family and work, candidates are looking for a program that combines the mobility and flexible schedule. The second reason, which affects the increase in demand for part-time and distance learning, svyazana with the fact that universities have become predlalagat programs in other regions. Increased demand has led to what Some schools tend to operate independently, while other universities are trying to find strategic partners.

– Developing partnerships – Worldwide growth is traced in the development of Cooperation within the framework of an mba education. One such example is the partnership between the Wharton University in the usa and the Institute instead, whose branches in Fontainebleau, France and Singapore. Such cooperation has several advantages, chief among them, according to the deans of universities are world-wide recognition and experience, who get their students and alumni. Cooperation has been developing around the world, and to make the mba education available, some Western universities in developing partnerships with the bric countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Business partnership in education is developing in other markets, such as South Africa, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dubai and Mexico. Also, a new form of partnership, where several companies are jointly developing a high-quality mba program.

One such example is the company vlc, which provides distance learning through the latest generation of virtual reality technology. vlc company has developed a platform for distance learning, which can be adapted to the needs of the client and collaborating with several universities, including Indiana Wesleyan University offers a program mba. In this kind of partnership University monitors the quality of education. – Types of programs – Over the past few years the number of specialized mba programs has increased significantly. Different directions include an mba in finance, law, marketing, it, entrepreneurship, human resources, international business, management, etc. These trends offer new opportunities, the candidate can only decide in which direction he wants to move on. Some candidates want to develop in a certain area, and therefore prefer to receive an mba education required for their area. Others seek a more general skills to be able to work a career in several areas. For these candidates the opportunity select a program with elements of interest to their specialization and at the same time sufficiently general in order to be able to change professions or move to a higher position in their field, is certainly a great advantage. (1) 'Application Trends Survey' of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 2007. "Calculation of general trends in the following manner: The percentage of programs reporting increased demand for training, minus the percentage of programs reporting decreasing demand. "

Universal Gifts

” And it is clear that the gift of the Handbook for the resignations “will impose a very peculiar question. Let us proceed easier. Universal Gifts – This is a dictionary. Moreover, any: highly technical, industrial, descriptive, spelling, language, encyclopedic. In the same row are reference books: technical, economic, and humanitarian. A good gift for the Day Knowledge will atlases and maps. The gift of speaking to such a gift to compose a book is not difficult. Plus gift useful and clearly containing “knowledge.” In the bookstore, if you do not get stuck, you can find gifts for almost all friends and acquaintances. We all have the basic activities and hobbies. In these areas there is no limit to perfection. Therefore, the departments of the relevant literature will provide you with sources of new knowledge-gifts. Even gay Vadinho can Gifts Hot cocktails and drinks with ice. Recipes and cooking. ” Teach “intelligent gift” – a direct approach. Try to apply the remaining knowledge and experience for a gift with meaning, with “educational” load. It is important not to overdo it. The main thing that your gift is not bestowed insulted. Not created, embarrassing, humiliating sense that he would point to the shortcomings and mistakes. Your husband has long said he wants to learn English language and, of course, he has no time. So give him a course inyaza with evening classes. Or home video courses. And even now “no time”? Feel free to give to cd English for the car”: shall learn in a traffic jam! By the way, progress has created a cool thing for motorists. Training, business and fiction in the form of audiobooks. Beautiful Day present knowledge, not only for motorists but also for “samoletolyubiteley”, ” and simple – “Transportolyubiteley. Speaking of amateurs, it’s worth remembering school-student subjects or disciplines. For example, your wife is in school years with interest studied biology and anatomy? But then became an engineer-economist and, occasionally regrets that did not go to medical school? Go to the tastes and memories of past interest and give the Big Illustrated Atlas of Human Anatomy. ” This book will be very interesting, and children. And remember your numerous “September 1”. If you live in the same town, and learned that, then take a trip on the first call to the school. Why not? Better yet, bring your classmates! Feel the child’s enthusiasm. Think of yourself, smile. Then, on September 1 was the point of transition from an idle summer holiday in the learning process. Now the Day of Knowledge for you just a normal day, no way of knowledge are added. This idea brings to the sadness But is it, congratulate ourselves on holiday and do useful exercises for the mind, for example, uncover the Japanese crossword. You can in fact give such crosswords and colleagues. And if you make copies of a crossword puzzle, then we can arrange this at the office “Reference work”. There is a job, there is time. Do not give a copy and do not allow tips. Lease work is not dependent on the volume of execution. Test and evaluation set. And no matter how it seemed that the Day of Knowledge – a celebration of students and students who wonder why this day is called “Day of schoolchildren.” Thinking about? Got it? And rightly so! Only he who believes has benefited from his knowledge. Knowledge Day – a celebration of all thinking, and therefore, all adults people.