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The conciliatory vision: That guerrerista position has passed a painful and unjustifiable invoice of deceaseds and has put in evidence that the arguments of both sides were weak, untenable and ethically inadmissible: The reasons used by Bin Laden to sanctify his terrorist action in New York is as invalid as or denied existence of chemical arms of massive extermination in Iraq, or the useless effort to eliminate their movement talibn in escabrosas Afghan mountains. It is not doubt that the warlike deceit of G.W. Bush contributed significantly in the triumph of the present President of the United States and simultaneously in the defeat of its republican those in favor, another one guerrerista" perhaps more dangerous than illiterate funcional" texano. With the arrival to the cemetery of Arlington of the soldier number 500, passed away in a confrontation nocturne to Faluja, it arose in the North American public opinion the Vietnam Syndrome and many leaders, pacifists and ONG" s that perhaps did not get along absolutely with the proposals sociales" and the political position of Obama, raised their voices of protest and close up behind their slogan: We can" , to take in the republican history from the United States to an Afro-American one to the Presidency for the first time. And he has been this black Head of State, the one that it defeated the military vision of the policy and the diplomacy of its predecessor George Bush, the same that now confronts to the North American society sustaining its arguments in the main values of the democracy, the freedom and the religious tolerance, in favor of the construction of a mosque near Cero&quot Zone; , a temple in which a cultural and social complex for the encounter of the Muslims and the open and sincere dialogue with other religions will be integrated to the religious enclosure. The Obama strategy consists of making feel comfortable welcome and to the believers in the Corn to a nation where their religion and its faithfuls are accepted and respected, and where any ominous adjective is left of side, that in addition is used by the extremists to promote and to extend the Jihad or Guerra Santa against the governments infieles" in all West.

United States

Another argument in favor of the binding precedent is to consider that right to the effective judicial trusteeship, which contains the right as well to obtain a resolution founded on right, that is to say, that the founding in right relies on the system of sources established, of which the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court comprises. Although it is certain, until we have based the reason of being of the binding precedent here, the constitutional foundation to its respect and observance of the same, as well as to the legal doctrine, is in the right to the equality and the nondiscrimination in the application of the law (Art. 2,2 of the Constitution), because it is not possible that judicature jurisdictionally pronounces different before two similar substantial cases, this respect will offer to legal security certainty and predectibilidad. (Not to be confused with Intel!). As we can see, the binding jurisprudence not only already is present in our legal ordering, but it has been integrated in the system of sources of the right, even though the Political Letter of the 93 at no moment makes reference to the word jurisprudence. All this has motivated that the own Constitutional Court sent a sentence (file 00006-2006-PC/TC), declaring ” nulas” a set of judicial resolutions that they had failed to fulfill and not known the binding precedents of the same, informing later of the OCMA of the Judicial Power so that 021-2006-JOCMA/PJ comes in accordance with the resolution of headquarters, published in the newspaper Peruvian the 4 of April of the 2006, that arranges that: ” all the jurisdictional organs of the Republic, under functional responsibility, gives exact fulfillment to the binding precedents indicated by the Constitucional” Court;. This was matter of critic on the part of the Supreme Court that showed that with this failure violated judicial independence and the guarantee of the judged thing, which until today comes to be discussion matter. (1) Newspaper of the Constitutional Court N.

Kirchner Government

But as they raise as much Melconian as Ferreres, the alternative for Argentina is the old man and known the IMF, that is not going to deny its aid to the country, it will do but it under certain conditions. It will be the prepared country to pay the price that to him the IMF imposes to attend it financially? This price consists of being transparent the statistics of the INDEC, which implies majors payments of money for payments of services of the debt fit by inflation. Also it implies to decide with those bond possesors in default that did not accept at the time the exchange of the debt, which can imply majors erogaciones in the short term for payments of capital and services of the debt. Also it implies to remember the promise that was done the Club to him of Paris and to negotiate repago of the debt (more dollars to do against this obligation). And by all means, some conditions more of those than usually impose the IMF as it is it a greater fiscal discipline. Sincerely, I believe that badly an agreement with the IMF would not come to him to the country that so imposes this series to him of conditions of way of that Argentina begins to put together its international relations and the health of its economy. But the fragility situation in which it is, does difficult to think that it can to assume as much weight. So that to the Argentine government it turns out to him advisable to try an approach with the IMF, without doubts the offered aid would have to be important.

The dilemma that faces the government to return to depend every time on the IMF finds less margin since the sources of additional resources of which the government was worth, are being run out quickly. It is the IMF or the abyss, thinks some. Others, as one considered within the possible ways that the government, think that they can return to see those old woman policies of the years 80s that perhaps extend the agony of the economy, but that without doubts will end up taking it to the collapse. Next to the shady panorama that anticipated, the economists left in the air the following question: Will finish to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner their mandate? I hope that by the good of the democracy, yes. Nstor Kirchner said recently: When they vote, remembers the sound of the helicopter (in reference at the end of the mandate of Of the Ra). Sincerely I believe that also from government, when they decide the course that will continue having the Argentine economy, must remember very that noise of the helicopter.

Internal Service

Of its requirements: The special norm regulates like requirements for the celebration of an Administrative Contract of Servicios (CAS): Requirement realised by the usuary dependency. Existence of budgetary availability, determined by the office of budget of the organization or that does its times. In these ends the norm establishes like condition sinequanom the necessity of the service and the budgetary availability, being understood to first like the deficiency of a service different from established in its Manual of Organization and Functions in agreement with its Picture for the Assignment of personnel of the organization. Whereas second one talks about to that the budgetary consigment is necessary and availability of the resources destined to the payment of this service. It is precise to indicate that in relation to the nature of the function nonindependent matter of the CAS, has been lacked in sincerar those that are of nature permamente in relation to which they are merely temporary. An example of constitutes it to it the fact that in some sectors temporary workings have more existed nonpersonal services by than 25 years having realised which is contradictory every time the time and the continuedad toiling of it are the determining factors of permanence; in aim we hoped that this is future matter of a modifying one in order to give contractual stability to which they develop permamanentes functions. Added to this it is undeniable that the manuals of Management are called Manual of Organization and Functions; Regulation of Organization and Functions, Internal procedures of Work, Picture of Assignment of personnel and others must totally be sincerados, on the basis of the principles of specialization and meritocracy. As far as the procedure that must be followed for the materialization of service in the Regime of Contratacin Administrativa (RECAS) has settled down the following one: 2,1 Preparatory stage: Requirement includes/understands of organ or unit organic usuary, that includes the description of the service to realise and the minimum requirements and the competitions that must reunite the petitioner, as well as the description of the stages of the procedure, the justification of the hiring necessity and the budgetary availability determined by the budget office or the one that do its times of the organization..


Without trying to become a restrictive classification, the following types of conducts can stand out:. the type stars. One is the individual that by temperament or natural inclination tends to represent the directive functions or directive Co within the group. This type of people even can get to feel uncomfortable when they must be put under the direction of another member of the equipment. When the circumstances put to the individual star other people’s to the direction tasks, at least formally, this one will try to develop spaces for its own leadership, reason why an obstacle for the evolution can be from the meeting or activity that the group tries to take ahead. They will appear the conflicts between a formal leadership and another natural one.

This type of circumstance can be of easy or complex solution, according to the capacities of the leaders to confront its ideas and to work altogether. the type mass. It is the receptive member of the group that is put under in the action or the criteria the influence of the leader, although not by this must to understand like the passive type. Generally, this is the typology most common and abundant in the groups. It also gets to be the platform that sustains to the summit of the leader and its combat abilities.

Although a natural tendency can occur to despise the roll that plays east type of individual, is precise to include/understand the importance of its presence in the group and the potentialities that can inject in any meeting. This by all means implies the necessity to know and to appreciate the natural dowries of each member of the group. It thus falls to the leader the responsibility of not considering to each type mass like a number but like person with capacities and potentialities. the apathetic type.

Extraordinary Secrets Developings

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One of the constants that exist in this world is the change. And this applies in any activity that you are doing. Although there are some things that always will follow equal or have as small changes as to be imperceptible, the great majority will have a great impact in any thing that is related. In the businesses in line, the change is quite fast, as much, that sometimes it takes hold to us off guard. It makes million years, according to one of so many theories, a meteorite fell in the Earth, causing great damages and changes in the planet that took to the extinction of the dinosaurios, the dominant species, and gave foot to that our predecessors evolved until arriving. In an occasion somebody asked how long had taken him to the planet to recover of similar change. The truth is that the planet never recovered.

Simply one adapted. When we spoke to make a business in Internet, this point is crucial, not only to make more money, but to assure your survival. The competition not to duer to me (literally) and either you do not have dormirte. Besides that, the suppliers appear and disappear, change the terms on watch (speaking of Google slaps ), operations, schedules and until of name. Before this, it is necessary to have an adaptation strategy.

You have asked yourself, that would happen if this or that one? It is to glide for a scene and he is something that you must consider in your plan to make money. There are many things that are not in your control and are necessary to prepare itself for the surprises. If there are been in this business by some months, is probable that they have touched the changes to you on watch of Adsense and in the operations of Amazon.

Use Twitter

Twitter in Mecadeo Virtual or known like Marketing Online, this by all sides. By the same, to ask itself how to use Twitter by Internet he is not new. The capacity is really surprising to at any time maintain to million connected people of the day and throughout the year by means of Twitter. Twitter gives a tremendous power us to increase sales, by means of, people connecting itself like for example; the fanatics follow their stars or friendly connecting themselves. To know how how to use Twitter as marketing tool would help him to expand in its business online. Twitter allows him to literally reach its message million people and this is perfect for a business online due to the speed. Like any other advertising campaign, Twitter allows to send to marketing campaigns from its computer or any apparatus him where it will be able to be connected. In Internet online and offline this is something never before seen in the marketing world.

The marketing world has changed by means of this method. To know how to use Twitter in marketing by Internet implies to learn how and because marketing works. Briefly, the theory is that it sends to his friendly list a message (tweet) referring to which is doing then of its labor day. The process is that they and so on sent a message to their lists until thousands of people see their message. Many possibilities that exist a good part of those thousands of people responds to any call to the action that you have proposed in his message, like for example " it visits my Web&quot site; or something similar. There are good opportunities that some of those people who were called to the action buys its service or product or, at the case of affiliation marketing, of which it visits the sites of his affiliates. At the time of using Twitter for marketing by Internet, it is necessary to consider that, due to their nature, their messages must be updated and frequent.

With each message that is sent, the effectiveness of viral marketing tends to decay, for that reason its content must of being interesting to maintain the attention of people. Beyond this, she is one of the ways more effective to make marketing by Internet. If it needs that its product or service is known, then Twitter is the indicated place to promote it. It is demonstrated that Twitter is growing very fast and that is spoken of this social network by all sides. There is a system proven in Twitter would take, it to perfect his marketing by Internet, only here. As I, will stay surprised with the successful that she will be using this system. He enters here to prove it! Original author and source of the article.

Nowadays Denominate Christians

MOVEMENT SHIFT STUNED UNDER ANY SECT THAT SAYS CHRISTIAN. Conclusion When all religious faith in lies has vanished, it must that the man has approached more itself and has moved away of. God. ; more close to. Devil. If this is what the devil represents, and a man lives his life in the shade on the devil, yet the vigor of Satn moving its meat, then better than escapes of I cluck and the critic-nothing of those who denominates .justos., or remains proudly in its secret Earth places and manipulates to the masses stuned through its own one to be able satanic, until the day in which it can pronounce in all their splendor, proclaiming. I AM A SATANISTA, INCLINAOS, BECAUSE I AM MAS THE HIGH PERSONIFICATION OF THE HUMAN LIFE.

(Satanic Bible) From this conclusion we would have to analyze to what extent the Satanism has taken to be able in the churches from the world. Acptese or multitude of preachers is not more famous than the film actors; their events are great shouts, where sometimes the preacher during one hour or but it does not use the bible. Nevertheless the stuned masses are seen. For it is possible to be attended any other place to listen of positive attitude. About this we will say that at the believers them a ticket is not due to watch like a, as to an entrance it pays, and that therefore they only represent a gain by each event. If the things continue thus; All the Earth industralists will make of the gospel a business, and the gospellers will make of the word of God a private interpretation in order create companies. If behind them there is no a satanic power, because they fill stages to burst? Unction! Unction! That is the answer, that they will give us.

And the churches small medians and that conserve the true doctrine, due to not filling stages lack unction? We remember that Satan is pleased with the multitudes, to are suitable million to him million upon the error. Or growing in grace it is the model to follow? International the charismatic mission is healthy doctrine? To case to if as they arrive they do not leave back by the door of that amount of turned assumptions? They are not sects ordered to please to the meat and to win with encounter, without it interests to train a Biblical being? Because the love to the money is the root of all class of the evils (1 Timoteo 6:10). The money serves and much, and more in material world where Capitalism is a God, but the problem this in idolizing the money, because use is made of the faith to please that wild love. Which not only loses to idolizes but also to its million followers. 2010 John Jairo Melo Naranjo – Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Original author and source of the article.


Another great advantage of Marketing by electronic mail is that it is an extremely economic Marketing. This is significant because there are many other types of Marketing, even in Internet, that are much more expensive that Marketing by electronic mail. The costs associated with this type of Marketing is minimum. With luck, you already will have a list of mail adressees who will be interested in their products and services, consequently is no cost associated with obtaining a list of directions. Additionally, the cost to send the electronic mails is minimum, and can be considered part of its regular costs of operation. All these factors already do of Marketing by electronic mail something of an extremely accessible cost. Of course, Mendoza emphasizes an excellent aspect that we shared, as is that the most evident disadvantage of Marketing by electronic mail is the possibility that they create Spam.

This it is a very important problem, because it could be quite expensive as for the margin of benefits for his business. Every day is bombed to the users of Internet with not asked for electronic mails, in the form of announcements. This problem has reached gigantic proportions, and the abundance of Spam that infiltrates with the electronic mail involves all the innocent users of Internet, whom they must be cautious and to suspect any electronic mail that they receive and has not been asked for, although appears in particular promoting a product, or a service. It does not forget before the relevance of this tool, to take into account the suggestion that is indicated, that to obtain results, we will have to include in the note the form to contact with us or to extend information. A direction of mail-and or a URL (page direction Web). Giving a mail-and direction has the advantage of which, if they answer, we secured the direction of mail-and of the interested one. From there, we can send to them to more information on the product or service del that wanted to inquire original Author and source into the article.