Often seen in the ad networks such as "Trick … – magic! You send him money and get a sum three times greater than the send it! ". If a person uses the Internet recently, for him it would be a godsend. Themselves think – send $ 100 and comes to you three hundred. Once again, think – would a normal person to share such information with everyone? Probably not, since it makes no sense.

And if you think a little more, then another there is a reasonable question – but from that purse money? In this situation, even for a beginner it is clear that this is the most natural scam. Of course, there will not soon be moved by those who believe all this, but since you reported this just read that you will not get caught in such a get along. Now, an example is more complex – there have already warned that this scam. Usually the message is: "Hello! I decided to tell you the story of how I fell into the scam. Once I saw the information about the Magic wallet. For interest, I sent a dollar. And then came an hour later I $ 3! I posted a 5 and got 15! For $ 20 they sent me 60, then I decided to play for high stakes, and sent back $ 150. I have not returned the money.

I felt hurt and wanted revenge on them. I began to try and understand – the amount of 1 to 5 dollars, they return! Now, when I returned my money, I decided to talk about it and you, as one punish them terribly, and together we will punish them well! ". Strange but true – people believe that, although a couple of lines above told them that this scam. Of course, that there is not no amount of returns. More than that – when people transfer money to and see a warning that the user to have any complaints they have not even read, although it is worth it to click and they will immediately see a complaint like themselves lovers of cheese in a mousetrap. After all, they know that free cheese only for a second mouse, but I still walk into the trap. All these examples have understood, understood now about the "laid-off employees." A sample text of a letter will not lead, and retell the essence. It's simple: driven man, but he knows about special purses for system testing. It is necessary to send the amount of such a purse and you immediately come back twice. It is true not once, but somewhere through the day. And do not try to write the administration! Learn about loophole – immediately closed. And the people transferred the money and keep quiet – maybe go back? And to complain about the administration … wrong somehow … because a man with all my heart told me. Silly, is not it? Now for the original sample. The action was called "Dual Balance" and offered me to participate in it, "administrators WebMoney, for which they have used the free form boxes (apparently decided to pin me:)). The biggest joke was that the literally the same everywhere at once appeared (like even the mail came) the official denial, and yet somewhere in a week Runet was told about how many people were taken to the cheese in a mousetrap. And as the conclusion of most startling fact – many of those who came to these scam distributed in the network information about them to himself was not hurt.