African American President

Who really governs the United States? Sometimes gives the impression that there was an agreement the electoral campaign of the American Democratic Party politician. It seems that it was concluded that Barack Obama would be the presidential candidate, but that Hillary Clinton would exert the power behind Obama and this is the view for some Latin American Governments of what is happening in the United States. It is very common that after a statement by the alleged President, appears an officer with rank of presidential spokesman clarified, or rather than translating what the occupant of the White House wanted to say, but he said it mistakenly. This is evidencio when we saw Obama on the large television networks of the world recognize that there was a military coup in Honduras and then an official of midrange was released by clarifying that a coup wasn’t technically that had been perpetrated against President Zelaya. Writers, screenwriters and directors of these films, not took never seriously this hypothetical situation of an African American President in the White House. We believe that many of the Republicans or Democrats liieres of the United States and also assume that some high-ranking military of gringas armed forces, the Pentagon and State Department officials have not seen much sympathy with a person of color to be the President of the last Empire on Earth. I believe that we have not wanted us realize that the first coup in the Obama administration, it was not of Zelaya in Honduras, but his own coup.

That’s the theory we use and we firmly believe that it has been. In the United States there is a financial and economic dictatorship that has been lying to President Barack Obama and has been relegated to a function predominantly ceremonial and decorative. Rev. Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera.maracaibo – Venezuela.